Home Water Purification Solution

Clean and healthy water from every faucet with one solution

Our tap water has been neglected because it was believed that every home should have a water purifier. However, the low drinking water rates were not due to poor water quality but the low reliability of the piping system supplying water.

In order to solve this problem, GEOGRID has developed and maintained technology to keep the piping clean, and through a smart water quality sensor, it provides an environment where users can drink water with peace of mind.

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Perfect Water Quality Management

From drinking water purification to water pipe management

Clean water pipe management is essential for drinking water consumption. BLOS™ provides optimal water quality management solutions through technology that minimizes energy consumption.

Building Water Purification Solution

Preventing water pollution and suppressing corrosion is sufficiently preventable

Keeping water pipes clean is a highly efficient energy-saving method. If clean water is supplied from anywhere in the building, we can save a lot of resources and protect the environment.

The building water purification system has been researched and developed as an alternative solution to these environmental issues.

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Smart Farm Water Purification Solution

Data is the core operational technology of smart farms

Good quality water is essential to improve crop productivity and quality.

BLOS™ can handle all measurement items from raw water supplied to smart farms to the condition of nutrient solutions.

By adopting BLOS™ solutions, the productivity and quality of agricultural and livestock products can be improved.

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Smart Factory Water Purification Solution

Piping management and water quality sensors for smart factories

Using good quality water in plants is essential.

BLOS™ understands the implementation of digital twin technology in smart factories.

With high-quality water quality sensor data, customers can enhance manufacturing competitiveness throughout the entire value chain, from development to production.