Complete Water Quality Management Solution
from Drinking Water Purification to Water Pipe Management

Imagine a smart building without the need for a water purifier. If clean and purified water is supplied from anywhere in the building, we can save resources and protect the environment. According to official data, the carbon emissions from drinking 2L of well water are more than 700 times higher than the same amount of tap water, and water purifier usage is 1,320 times higher.

Our smart building water purification system, which can be called a building's water purifier, focuses on the clean water moving through the pipes and allowing homeowners to see real-time cleanliness through home automation. It provides minute-by-minute real-time water quality measurements, ensuring trust and increasing drinking water rates. We believe that by increasing drinking water rates, we can reduce carbon emissions.

Keeping water pipes clean is a highly efficient energy-saving method. Removing rust and scale from the piping system increases the heat efficiency of hot water by more than 10%. By removing rust and scale that can occur in water pipes of buildings, we can reduce pipe cleaning costs and increase the durability and value of buildings.

- Drinking water purification function and water pipe cleaning - Red rust, scale, and slime removal and prevention - Improved energy efficiency - Real-time water quality monitoring - Water purification using natural pressure

Potable and hot water pipes: All pipes through which water (H2O) containing minerals flows undergo oxidation. Oxidation causes red rust, scale, and slime (water stains), which harden the arteries of the pipes and hinder functional efficiency. With BLOS™, no additional work is required for pipe cleanliness. FCMM (iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese), which is a mineral in water that causes rust and scale, is transformed into water (H2O) into H+ (hydrogen ion) and OH-(hydroxide ion) through BLOS™. It maintains mineral content as it is (and decomposes if deposited) and supplies water as it is from the source.

Water-using appliances: Many household appliances use water. Good quality water is required for appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water purifiers, and coffee machines connected to the water supply. The operations of these appliances include washing, steaming, blending, or mixing. The use of water in most product processes leads to the generation of scale, which hinders efficiency and reduces the lifespan of the products. BLOS™ understands how water works in appliances and has proven its effectiveness for long-term performance.

Smart home monitoring: BLOS™ provides real-time water purification, informs users of water pipe quality, predicts changes in pipe conditions, and provides alerts for significant changes. It provides a water IoT control service as a smart IoT water control device. BLOS™ can be connected to various connected home devices to provide the best data source to users. By installing BLOS™, it provides solutions through mobile devices, PCs, and specific management services. This allows both business operators and consumers to add value and focus on building a new type of water-connected home that interacts with the physical world.